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Executive Council and Committees

Executive Council

President: Joshua Dowling, MD

Vice-President: Mark Greenberg, MD

President Elect: Eric Nottmeier, MD

Past President 2016: Harry van Loveren, MD

Past President 2015: Domagoj Coric, MD

Past President 2014: Fernando Vale, MD

Treasurer: Jay Howington, MD

Secretary: Eric W. Sherburn, MD


Scientific Program Committee
Adam Arthur, MD—Chair
Cory Adamson, MD
Albert Kim, MD

Finance Committee
Jay Howington, MD—Chair
Eric Sherburn, MD
Harry van Loveren, MD

Nominating Committee
Harry van Loveren, MD—Chair
Domagoj Coric, MD

Juan Uribe, MD
L. Madison Michael, MD
Elias Dakwar, MD
Daniel Kitchens, MD

Membership Committee
Kristen Riley, MD—Chair
Rashid Janjua, MD
Adam Arthur, MD

Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Cory Adamson, MD—Chair
Jon Silver, MD
Mark Shaya, MD

Future Sites Committee
Harry van Loveren, MD
Eric Nottmeier, MD
Eric Sherburn, MD
Kevin Cahill, MD
David Jimenez, MD

Distinguished Practitioner Award Committee
Harry van Loveren, MD—Chair
Joshua Dowling, MD
Domagoj Coric, MD
Fernando Vale, MD

Winfield Fisher III, MD

Exhibits Committee
Stephen Pirris, MD—Chair
Ed Duckworth, MD
Matthew McGirt, MD

Long Range Planning Committee
Harry van Loveren, MD—Chair
Domagoj Coric, MD

Fernando Vale, MD

Ricardo Brau, MD

James Markert, MD
Christopher Paramore, MD

American College of Surgeons Governor
Eric Sherburn, MD


SNS Annual Meeting

69th Southern Neurosurgical Society Annual Meeting

February 28-March 3, 2018
The Ritz-Carlton
San Juan, Puerto Rico